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What are seaweed muds for?

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Guam seaweed muds are used against cellulite blemishes and skin adiposity.

What are seaweed muds for?

Guam seaweed muds are used against cellulite blemishes and skin adiposity. Their traditional, natural, effective and inimitable formulation is able to guarantee real results of lowering of the thigh, increase of firmness and elasticity of the skin, with reduction of micro-nodules from the first applications.


Functional Substances of Seaweed Mud

GUAM seaweed, clay, plant extracts of ivy, horse chestnut, fucus, essential oils of lemon and oregano. Active against the skin blemishes of cellulite.


How to use seaweed mud

How is Guam seaweed mud used and how is it applied to the skin?

  1. It is recommended to mix well before use. Spread the Guam Seaweed Mud evenly with a light massage on the affected parts. taking care to even out the layer of mud on the skin.

  2. After that, wrap the layer obtained on the skin with the common transparent kitchen film so that thanks to this "protective veil", it is possible to carry out every daily gesture with tranquility. Leave on for 45 minutes and rinse with warm water.

  3. To complete the treatment, it is advisable to massage the Guam FIR Algae Mud Gel Cream or the Guam Cold Formula Algae Mud Gel Cream on the affected parts.


Pack of Guam Seaweed Mud

Guam seaweed mud is sold in 1000 g jar.

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